Well today is the day that we decided to start "blogging", please be patient with us as we are first time bloggers ;)

Today, January 31, 2018 is the day that we close down one store in Sherwood Park and work on opening another one in the near future. We are grateful for ALL the support that we have received from our community as well as everyone we have met along our journey. We would not have gotten this far if it was not for all of you!!! We are also grateful for our employees (that you show up for your shifts so we are not here all the time) and all the hard work that you put into your job, you are the face of Perks; keep up the great work. Family, if it was not for the help of Laurie in the kitchen and Joe on weekends and evenings whenever we ask him we do not know how we could have gotten by this far without you guys, THANK YOU!!  Last but not least our children, we are grateful that you have as much patience with us as you can when we get called in to fill in for shifts because no one else can make it in, or have to go run for groceries; Double Decker Bus events on the weekends; the early mornings making sure the store is open and that catering gets out on time; late school nights closing down the store, the missed skiing trips, the missed family time days; missed camping trips or shortened camping trips, but no matter what we are always all together through all those "missed" events. We are grateful for all the events that we did not miss like school plays, volunteering for class trips, Birthday's, family get away's that we can take because we do have great staff member's that take care of Perks like its there own. spending time with them teaching them how to work till and make drinks in the bus, staying home with them on sick days, being a stay at work mom with Paige. My hopes for our children is that they see all the blood, sweat and tears that we put into our business and learn that we did all this for them; for them to see what it is like being self-employees and that all you need to do is put your heart into it and you can do anything and that no matter what we love you and we always will. Never stop dreaming, never stop living; just take it day by day :)

And be grateful for everyone that you meet in your life. 

Our Children : )

Our Children : )

Shantelle Lewis