Hey everyone welcome to Perks, we have been established since October 2013. Perks is a locally owned and operated store, we are not a franchise. Perks staff and managers pride themselves on giving the best customer experience and quality of service and products out there.

Our coffee comes from a local roaster in Calgary, Perks is dedicated to our relationship with our provider of our coffee beans; Coffee Concept. Coffee Concept purchases premium green coffee from farms that practice traditional old world cultivation methods, growing coffee sustainably in natural shaded areas. Purchasing coffee from small farms that grow coffee in this manner gives us the opportunity to help ensure good wages, good workers and good working conditions at the farms. All of our coffee is Rain Forest Alliance Certified, Perks prides themselves on only serving the best they can and to continue to support local. All of our Tea is Organic Certified and Farm Fair Trade. Perks is proud to be supporting local companies that support small farming families, making sure that they are paying their workers proper wages and giving them the education and medical that they need to make it in this world.