Weekly Combos May 27 - 31

Monday May 27 : Chicken Gumbo OR Vegetable Soup with half a Ham Mango Chutney Panini

Feature Drink: Iced Havana

Tuesday May 28 : Tomato Parmesan OR Beef Vegetable with half a Greek Panini

Feature Drink: Cookie Dough Latte

Wednesday May 29 : Wicked Thai OR Borscht with half a Turkey Sriracha Panini

Feature Drink: Cracker Jack Latte

Thursday May 30 : Potato Cheddar with half a Cheddar Pastrami Panini

Feature Drink: Iced Cocoa Butter Mocha

Friday May 31 : Clam Chowder with half a Tuna Melt

Feature Drink: Raspberry Creme Latte

Shantelle Lewis